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Tutorials are a primary teaching mechanism for individuals, companies and organizations of all shapes and sizes. The rise of eLearning and our dependence on phones and the internet for knowledge has led to a huge rise in demand for good quality tutorials on all kinds of subjects. As a tutorial writer with over a decade of experience, I deliver exactly that.

I write:

I have written tutorials for Cable and Wireless and Virgin Media as an employee and then went on to write for TechJunkie, Broadband Genie, PC Gamer, Tom’s Hardware, Dave’s Computers and Coastal Computers among many others as part of Coastal Content.

As lead tutorial writer, I have the knowledge and experience to find creative ways to make subjects accessible to anyone. Before becoming a copywriter, I was a computer network and server engineer within a global telecommunications company. I know my subjects well and speak from an authority earned through doing the job. That knowledge comes across in every tutorial I write.

Coastal Content writes for tutorial websites, companies, agencies, individuals and anyone interested in providing top quality tutorials to their readers. We would be happy to work with you too!

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Writing a tutorial

Tutorial writing should achieve these simple goals:

  1. Make subjects accessible to everyone.
  2. Provide straightforward, step-by-step instructions to perform a task.
  3. Simplify language and terminology into plain English.
  4. Lower the barrier to entry for technical subjects.
  5. Make information accessible to all.
  6. Enable anyone, of any means, to access technical training.

Accessible tutorials

Information should be accessible to all regardless of means, ability or culture. Tutorial writing is how we can contribute towards that in a tiny way. If we can teach someone a new task or show them how to achieve a specific goal in a simple and accessible way, our work here is done!

Plain English

The key goal of any tutorial is to translate technical terms and confusing acronyms into plain English that anyone can understand. There is no point creating a tutorial if only someone who has been in the industry for years will understand it!

The three C’s

The three C’s of writing are to be clear, concise and creative. Translating technical subjects or teaching new skills through plain English uses all three of these. Clarity is key as without it your tutorial is useless. Being concise helps you get straight to the point and enable the reader to achieve their goal in the shortest time. Creativity is necessary to keep sometimes dry or dispassionate subjects interesting or finding creative ways to explain a process or finding creative examples that the reader can connect with.

The goal of a tutorial writer

The goal of a tutorial writer is simple. To portray sometimes complicated subjects in plain English. If you can to that without condescending, all the better! We write a simple show and tell introduction to outline the purpose of the tutorial, the end result and some context to the piece. Then we may add some real life examples of how you would use this knowledge in the real world before getting on with the teaching.

We tend to use the 1, 2, 3 model as we think it breaks everything down into bite-sized chunks that anyone can follow.

  1. Open the app and log in./li>
  2. Select My Account from the top left menu on the page./li>
  3. Select Cancel from the left menu on the new My Account page./li>
  4. And so on…

Positive image

Unless specifically requested otherwise, we will also integrate images into tutorials. These will usually be screenshots showing key steps in the process to aid understanding. Sometimes, if there is a video available, we can integrate those too.

All-in-one tutorial writing

The USP of Coastal Content is to take on as much of the workload from the client as possible and we do that with our tutorial writing. Give us a brief and a deadline and we can do the rest. We can research the subject, learn the technology, write the tutorial, edit it and even publish it for you. All as part of the price!

If you prefer a more hands on approach, that’s fine too!

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