Writing press releases
Control the story before it controls you

If you're doing something newsworthy, a press release from Coastal Content can make a real difference to how much publicity you get.

Originally, back when print was the main form of media, a press release was the only way to tell the world that you existed. It was a formal communication to inform your newspaper or magazine of choice that you were launching a new product or doing something special.

Even though media has moved on somewhat from that time, the press release still has an important part to play in your marketing. Rather than being the only way to tell people what you're up to, it's now one of many. That does not lessen its effectiveness.

Press releases can also play a part in your SEO strategy. By using some very well-known news syndication sites and PR specialists, a good press release can spread the word far and wide and also earn you some backlinks which are important for SEO. Considering how cheap a press release is, it's a useful addition to your overall strategy.

We all use online news portals such as Yahoo News, Google News, CNN and so on. Being able to reach that kind of audience without spending a fortune is useful whatever the size of your business. It's something we can help with.

The ingredients of a great press release

An effective press release has to have a number of ingredients mixed properly to work. Like any marketing effort, done in isolation, a press release will achieve little. Done as part of an overall strategy and it can generate hundreds of new leads. Just how many depends on what you have to say and how you say it.

A good press release needs:

Something newsworthy – While we can write releases about anything, the more interesting it is, the more traction it will get.

Written with readers in mind – We read differently on the web than we do on paper. All your web content should bear this in mind. Adhering to web readability standards is key to the success of the release.

Distribution – A single release needs to go to a single wire service. To make the most of the news, taking several different angles and distributing them across several wire services will help gain traction.

Give readers a reason to click – To get anything from a reader you have to offer them something to make them click on the link. Offer a free eBook, top tips, white papers, free trial or special offer for inducement.

Create a landing page – While a press release on its own can bring visitors to your site, it's best if you also develop a specific landing page so you can track conversions. You can also accelerate the visitor along the path to purchase more effectively with a highly tuned landing page.

Publicise the press release – Write a blog about it, Tweet about it, add a link to Facebook, add it to your newsletter or whatever you like. As long as the content offers something to the reader, use it.

Press releases still have an important part to play in your marketing. Used in conjunction with other strategies, they can generate significant interest in your news.

If you want to include press releases in your marketing strategy but don't know how, contact Coastal Content today. We can help!

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