Landing page copywriting
Grabbing attention in those first few seconds

The building blocks of an effective landing page

To be truly effective, a good landing page has to have some specific elements. They are:

Headline – A catchy headline that matches any initial call to action used in any email you send or marketing you do. It's called message match and is incredibly powerful. In the above example, something like "Free eBook on the best seaside-friendly plants and trees for Cornwall!" would be effective as it reflects the call to action used in the blog that got the visitor here in the first place. It's a little thing, but very useful.

Copy – This is the body content of the landing page. The first paragraph has to contain the offer, the benefit the reader gets and how your eBook can help them. Further paragraphs can contain extra copy if necessary that reinforces that primary message. All page content should have the single goal of delivering a conversion specific to the offer on the page. There should be no other offers, mentions of offers, links to your main website or anything to distract the reader from your desired outcome.

The copy could also contain your main keywords. In our example, we would use "plants that love Cornish soil", " seaside-friendly landscape plants and trees" and "Cornwall."

Conversion form - This is where your reader gives their email address and perhaps name in return for their free eBook. It should be bright coloured and match your branding. It should be tight, compelling and make you want to get that book. It should also be simple and ask for as little personal information as possible.

Images – Images are a powerful advertising medium. A good landing page would contain a couple of images of landscapes, or plants in this example. Both to add context and because green is a colour of trust. Adding a small image of the front cover of the eBook is also a good idea so your reader knows what to expect.

Landing pages are a very powerful marketing tool. Considering you can have them for as little as £25 each, there's really no reason not to have them. We can provide the eBook or offer material too!

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