Brochure writing
Great design and glossy im,ages can only do so much

Brochures are a very effective means of selling. They allow you to combine great quality images with convincing copy to drive the sale. Brochure writing from Coastal Content can help sell your business!

A brochure is designed to persuade a prospect that your product or service is exactly what they are looking for. Depending on where in the sales process the brochure is used, it can outline the main features and benefits of the offer, deliver a high level overview of the product or get down to the details of how it can solve the particular problems the reader has.

It isn't all about the brochure copy though. In fact, we would say the copy itself is only 40% of what makes a good brochure. To be successful, a brochure needs to match your brand, be vibrant, well designed, high quality and have very high definition images. Only then can the copy help the sale.

Cover up!

On the front cover – An idea should be included that positions your offering in the eyes of the reader. For example, "technically advanced", "highest quality", "bespoke design", "custom built" are all positional ideas.

Inner pages – To put your reader first. A good brochure will show the person reading that you understand their problem and that your offering can solve it. Details, technical specifications and such can be at the back in their own dedicated section or in a white paper or spec sheet as an insert.

Benefits over features – Copywriting is about selling features and benefits. Brochure writing is about highlighting the benefits the reader gains from buying what you're selling. Keep that in mind throughout the brochure and you're on the right track.

Overcome objections – Part of sales is objection handling and overcoming those objections. Your brochure copy can help by answering the reader's questions and having an answer ready for them. For example, if your offering is a premium item, concentrate on quality or faster return on that investment.

Use captions – Captions and headlines are very effective persuaders and should be used liberally throughout the brochure if the design allows.

Social proof – Social proof is now a vital part of the selling process. Giving testimonials, quotes from happy customers and even offering independent test results are very useful if they support the purpose of the piece.

Finally – Give your customer clear directions on what to do next. Leave nothing to chance, use a clever call to action that will prompt a reaction from the reader. Never leave them hanging!

Brochures are very effective sales tools at all points of the sales path. Used carefully, they can support and even accelerate the purchase process. If you're looking for top quality brochure copy that gets the sale, contact Coastal Content today!

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